Make Any Computer a Fast, Family Computer With This Little Device

Let’s face it, we’re all spending a lot of time on our phones and screens these days, kids included.

Especially during strenuous times like being stuck at home or even during particularly hectic weeks, screens can be a lifesaver.

That said, I really didn’t want to share my own computer.

I have a lot of work to do and YouTube Kids isn’t exactly a priority when I have a hard deadline coming up…but I can’t even make the deadline if my children are cranky and distracting.

And everybody loses.

While I would have loved to get each person in the family their own device, I just don’t have the money.
And when I say the whole family, you should know that I happen to live in a multi-generational home. There are a lot of us.

And let’s be honest, even if I could afford a personal device for each person, I don’t think I’d want them spending all that much time looking at screens.

The perfect solution was the family computer, but I couldn’t get it to match our lifestyles seamlessly until I found this absolutely WONDERFUL device called the Xtra-PC.

What’s The Xtra-PC Exactly, You Ask?

The Xtra-PC is the absolute greatest way to not only speed up your computer and make it feel brand new again but to help with your privacy if you need to share the device with others.

It’s just a small little USB that plugs into your computer, quickly restores it to be as good as new, and then gives you the privacy you need so that you don’t have to waste time setting up an individual user account for each person.

Not that I really knew how to do that anyway.

The First Thing I Noticed Was The Speed

This Xtra-PC’s value shines like a star after the first few seconds of using it.

I tried it first with my computer, which really didn’t work like it used to. Everything took forever to load and just got me so frustrated.

But Xtra-PC is specifically designed to make your computer work like new.

And it did exactly that. All of my web browsers, my husband’s football games, and my son’s YouTube videos loaded instantly. Finally!

Next, I tried it on an even older and even worse computer. A real fossil of a laptop if you know what I mean.

I figured that if I could get this old thing up and at ‘em again, it could become the family computer and I could keep my laptop just for myself.

And man oh man did it work! The old laptop works even better than some of my friends’ expensive new computers. I’m just so happy!

The Privacy Also Saved My Sanity

[This was exactly me before. Thank goodness it’s not anymore]

As I said, I had to share this computer with a lot of people.

I didn’t want to take the time to set up different user accounts. Plus, my children are pretty young, so I’m not sure they would have used their own accounts anyway.

On top of that, I wanted everyone’s own games, documents, etc. to have their own space, to really help the computer feel like their own while they were using it, but also to give myself and them some privacy.

The Xtra-PC helped with that exact problem. Just by plugging in the device and booting up, each family member really does get their own computer within the same device, or an “extra” PC. The name really fits the product perfectly.

The privacy from viruses doesn’t hurt either.

This new operating system (called Linux) is absolutely impervious to viruses.

Your computer can finally be safe from all of the bots and viruses out there trying to harm it. If you don’t have a tech degree, this is the perfect solution.

Choices and Customization for Your Exact Family

As good as the product has already been to us, I also loved that it gave us different options for our specific family.

With so many people needing such different things from the same device, it was helpful that Xtra-PC offers more than just one option.

Depending on how many family members you have, what kind of speed you want, what price you want to pay, or even how much storage you’ll need, you can choose the exact Xtra-PC that perfectly suits your needs.

You can always get your money back if it somehow doesn’t work for you. But trust me (and the thousands of other reviews) – this thing will work perfectly.

So How Do You Use It?

Thankfully it’s as easy as can be. It takes less than a few minutes and is so intuitive. Basically, you just:

  1. Plug it in
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Hit the boot menu key
  4. Boot into USB

That’s it! Just start using it! These steps are even clearer once you actually plug it in. You’ll see each prompt as you go. Trust me, it’s foolproof. Normally, I’m terrible with computers.

A Finally Functional Family

Without all the stress of a multi-generational home fighting over a broken laptop, our house finally has some peace and quiet.

Each person gets their time on the computer and they can’t complain that it was unfair, or that he was “scammed” (as my son likes to say).

Each and every time, the computer turns on easily and seamlessly.

No files are ever lost or damaged. Everyone is calmer and nicer to each other, especially me. My boss actually noticed the other day that my work quality was improving and the only thing I changed was the addition of the Xtra-PC.

Get Your Family Excited About Their New Computer!

If it isn’t already obvious, I can’t get enough of the Xtra-PC and I want you to share in the same joys I am.

My family is getting along better, my work quality improved, and my family feels as if they each have their own expensive new computer! What a great solution to a common problem.

If you’re looking for ways to make quarantine a little easier or life beyond, please do you and your family a favor and give the Xtra-PC a shot.