Executives At Your Favorite Computer Company Are Swindling Customers To Pad Their Fat Wallets. Two Geeks Built THIS Tool To Fight Back.

One SNEAKY TACTIC has allowed tech giants to rob you of hard-earned cash for YEARS. Here’s how you can turn the tables.

Ever noticed how your electronics seem to get incredibly sloooowww before you can get your money’s worth out of them? Seems like everytime a new model comes out, the not-so-new models starts dragging. Laptops….tablets….desktops….they all do it.

A little suspicious, right?  

You’re not going crazy. It’s called planned obsolescence, and it’s been a favorite trick of manufacturers since the 1950s.

Here’s what makes it so sneaky:

Each product is designed to last only long enough for you to fall in love – but become obsolete quickly enough to force you to buy the newest version. Thus, manufacturers can squeeze as much as humanly possibly out of each customer.

Computer companies are notorious offenders. They do their best to force customers to upgrade and buy more from them.

The proof is in the headlines:

Apple may have got caught with its hands in the cookie jar, but what about all the other multi-billion dollar manufacturers who are still at large? They’re showing no signs of stopping.

At least 20% of the laptops they produce FAIL within the first three years of ownership.

So much for your computer being “an investment”. No wonder tech companies made a WHOPPING $2.4 TRILLION off of us last year!

If that gets you steamed up, you’re not alone. Two computer geeks working out of Colorado were so sick of being taken advantage of, they decided to take matters in their own hands. They committed their resources to developing a solution that:

  1. Could extend the life of any “old” computer
  2. Wouldn’t cost a fortune
  3. Was as simple as possible

The result was Xtra-PC.

Xtra-PC is exactly what its name suggests – a thumb-sized, inexpensive  “extra computer” that plugs into your old desktop or laptop for enhanced speed, memory, and safe backup!

Just put it into your computer’s USB port, and within seconds you’ll be able to pull up documents and photos faster…surf the internet faster….play music and watch videos without lagging…send and receive emails with no problem…even connect a printer…no expertise required.

Using it couldn’t be easier. Each device is preloaded with a Linux operating system (a competitor to Windows and Mac OS). Plug it in, and the thumb-drive does all the work – bypassing and replacing your old, slow operating system with a new, blazing fast one.

Simple installation.

No computer expertise required.  

No hard work.

Just plug-n-go.

Must be expensive, right? Not at all. A 16GB unit is ONLY $34.99 – so you can have a speedy computer even if you’re on a shoestring budget. You can basically have a brand new computer for less than the cost of a pair of sneakers – HUNDREDS LESS than the cost of a computer repair service.

But that’s not all. Xtra-PC also:

  • Works on any Mac or PC – If your computer has a USB drive, you can use Xtra-PC!
  • Keeps ALL your existing files – Xtra-PC does not touch or modify your existing files in any way!
  • Broken or missing hard drive? No problem! If your hard drive is missing or corrupted you can now use your computer like normal!

A computer repair service will charge $175 AT THE MINIMUM just to tell you what’s wrong! But $34.99? For what feels like a completely new computer? That’s a steal.

Don’t let greedy computer companies keep their hands in your pockets. Extend the life of your “obsolete” computer indefinitely with Xtra-PC – you won’t be disappointed!

TIP: Xtra-PC makes a great gift for anyone who has an old slow computer, but doesn’t have or want to spend a ton of their hard-earned money on a new one!


Special Offer:

As of April 15, 2024, you can still get an Xtra-PC with 16GB of storage for 30% OFF! For only $34.99, you can:

  • Resurrect your “dead” computer
  • Save hundreds of dollars on diagnostics and repairs
  • Keep all your files and favorite programs
  • See results in under 10 minutes!

Get yours before this offer ends!

3 Steps To Getting Your Computer Like New Again!

1- Plug Xtra-PC into your USB

2- Follow the simple on-screen prompts

3- Begin using your faster PC!

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