Trying to Entertain Everyone While Stuck at Home? Fix Up That Old PC in 5 Minutes or Less

I don’t know about you, but my household was not prepared for work from home.

We have exactly one laptop, one monitor, and one desk for the whole family to share. And until recently, that was enough. In fact, it was an intentional choice that helped us limit our kid’s screen time.

But after one day of having the whole family stuck at home, I was ready to throw all those screen time rules out the window. There was just one problem: We only had one working computer. And as my son kept reminding me, I was hogging it. (Sorry, kiddo, but there’s a little thing called work.)

That’s when I dug my 10-year-old laptop out of the closet, plugged it in, and prayed. But nothing — just the same blue screen of death that made me retire the thing more than a year ago.

Economically speaking, this was not a good time to blow $500 or more on a new computer for my son. So, I turned to Xtra-PC — and it’s been a godsend.

What Is Xtra-PC?

Xtra-PC promises a new or like-new computer for as little as $35. This sounded too good to be true, but with a 30-day money-back guarantee, I figured we may as well try it.

We ordered the Pro, and it arrived just a couple of days later.

The Xtra-PC Pro is the largest model in both size and capacity. It looks just like your average flash drive, but you can also get Xtra-PC in the smaller Turbo 16 or Turbo 32 models — both of which are the size of compact flash drives. Whichever model you choose, you’ll essentially get a PC you can fit in your pocket.

What Does Xtra-PC Do?

Xtra-PC comes with its own operating system, built on Linux. This operating system works around your computer’s old system.

It doesn’t change your computer’s existing system and still allows you to access all your files.

The minute you eject the Xtra-PC flash drive, your computer goes back to functioning (or malfunctioning) just like it did before. Xtra-PC even works in computers that have a missing or corrupted hard drive.

If you’re used to working on Windows, the Xtra-PC operating system will already be second nature to you.

You can use Xtra-PC to surf the web, watch videos, make downloads, and play games.

The operating system even has a built-in web browser, open office software, an email program, a DVD player, a music player, a file manager, and a photo viewer. Plus, you can use it to connect to your printer, monitor, and Wi-Fi.

Every model comes with a different amount of storage. The Turbo 16 has 16 GB of storage, the Turbo 32 has 32 GB, and the Pro has 64 GB.

We ordered the Pro because we liked that our son could store just as many of his photos, files, songs, and movies as he could if we’d gotten him a laptop. The Pro also comes with the added bonus of FileRez software so you can restore corrupted files after a computer crash.

So, Do You Need to Be Some Kind of Computer Genius to Use This Thing?

Before work from home started, no one in my office called IT more than me, but I still got Xtra-PC up and running in a matter of minutes.

You don’t have to install anything!

All you have to do is plug the flash drive into the USB port on your old laptop or desktop, restart the computer, hit the boot menu key, and select boot into USB.

I had never booted up my computer with a USB before, but Xtra-PC’s guide listed the boot key for my old laptop and most other computer models — no research required.

Xtra-PC also works on nearly every PC and Mac out there!

You can store all your files and favorite programs on the flash drive. So, once we got Xtra-PC setup, my son and I started personalizing it. We decided to add some math and science games that will keep his mind active while schools are closed (and keep him occupied while I work!).

By some miracle — perhaps a miracle called Xtra-PC — I didn’t hear a peep out of him yesterday, and I actually managed to complete 8 hours of work.

Ready to Get the Xtra-PC You Need to Stay Sane While You’re Stuck at Home?

Xtra-PC was the perfect way to give our son his own computer like he’s always wanted (and like he suddenly needed). But, it could also be a great way to create some work-life balance as you work from home.

Fix up that old laptop so you can have one computer for your work stuff and one just for fun. Or just keep that extra, old computer functioning for the next time one of your family members gets fidgety.

When you compare it to buying a new computer, Xtra-PC already saves you hundreds of dollars. But right now, you can save even more. Xtra-PC has a special offer that can keep us all sane while we’re stuck at home.